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After a lot of experience and research on the prevention of infectious disease for last 25 years while running livestock medicines and hospitals, I was awarded Jeonnam provincial governor’s prize in the sector of disease prevention in 2002.

In the course of the research, I felt acutely that there is a lot of worries on the migratory insect pests like flies, drosophila, mosquitoes in various places such as home, restaurant, barn etc and, although pesticides and medicines are used to combat disease, disgust and unsanitary pests, it is more likely that the number of insect pests will increase, as a side effect without fundamental eradication, due to various factors such as environmental destruction, removal of natural enemy and insecticide tolerance. In order to solve this problem, Eregreen, a specialized manufacturer of disease prevention equipment was established.

Now and henceforward, we, Eregreen, will continue to develop products that are more effective, comfortable and safe and also will try to provide the products that disinfection service companies need.

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